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Found out that last week when Grandpa called mom, he was asking for money. $1000. Unfortunately, mom doesn't have it. Frankly, neither do I. He needed it to pay back Aunt Debi for a van that he bought from her. He didn't want to have to make payments on a vehicle. But, I guess cuz he didn't get the money, he traded away the van, which had a $3000 scooter and lift in it, for another truck. Which has made Aunt Debi and Uncle Rocky upset, and rightfully so, since Aunt Debi wanted the scooter and lift back. But Uncle Rocky called mom this morning and was angry and now she feels bad because she doesn't know what to do.
I don't know why no one there can help Grandpa? I mean, why can't Taylor help him? It's not like she has a job or anything, doing all her craft shit all day while Alex works his ass off to keep that huge house that they have in that swanky new neighborhood. Of course, you can't rely on Chase to anything unless it benefits him. And Grandpa said that Uncle Rocky never stops by anymore. And he only lives like 5 minutes away.
Mom wants to go down there to talk to Grandpa, which is what I think he needs. He needs someone to find out what's going on with him. And apparently, it's gotta be mom. Cuz Uncle Rocky doesn't care and Aunt Rusty sure as shit doesn't care. I know Uncle Rocky is mad at him right now, cuz of what he did, but he's his father and he may not have much time left. He needs to sit down and talk to him and see what he can do for him, instead of being angry and ignoring him, or expecting mom to do it. She's going to talk to Fred about it and see when she can go and hopefully, she'll take brother with her. He'll help her talk to Grandpa.

Also found out earlier this morning that Josh has to work Saturday and Sunday. So, we'll have to see Suicide Squad next weekend.
I had Sunday off with Josh and after we had sex in the shower, we went to Richmond Comix, got food and then came home. It was a nice day. And Saturday was nice day too. Josh genuinely surprised me a few times, once by coming over and kissing me for no reason and by actually paying attention to me most of the day. And we got to play D&D with Ryan, Michael and Tim S. We were at the store until midnight. Ryan is a way better DM then Keri was. We're gonna be making it a weekly thing hopefully.
Yesterday my lower back was killing me cuz of the shower sex. Usually does after we do that. It's cuz the shower's small and the position I was in. We actually had sex twice this weekend, which was nice. I hope we do end up getting a place together. I wanna be with him everyday. 
Sometimes, I get jealous of other couples. Even Travis and Keri! Most of the time when they're here, they're on their phones doing lord knows what, but sometimes he'll come up behind her and kiss her neck or hug her and it makes me jealous. Or like today, Andrew wrote on Allison's Facebook wall that he wished her a happy birthday and he loved her and it was all cute and mushy. I wish Josh would do things like that. He barely acknowledges my presence on Facebook unless I post something on his page first, or he tags me in some video. And mostly what he does when he's here, and isn't playing his DS, is smack my butt or pinch my boob. And I like that, don't get me wrong, but why can't he just kiss me for no reason?? Why do I have to initiate it? Why doesn't he hold my hand in public anymore?? 
The weirdest thing just happened...I got a text from Josh and as I was reading it, he called. So, I answered, but all I could hear was talking between him and another guy. Couldn't quite make out what they were both saying. Obviously, it was a butt dial. Or side dial, since he never keeps his phone in his back pocket. I was able to listen for 2 minutes before it hung up, or he figured it out and hung it up himself. After the call, he texted to ask if his phoned called me. I told him it did and haven't heard back from him yet. 
I don't want to overreact and think that they were talking about cheating or anything like that. But my heart was beating so fast trying to listen to them. Like I said, I couldn't exactly make out everything they said. But then why hasn't he texted me back yet?? Makes me feel like he's guilty and that's why he hasn't texted back yet. I wonder what would happen if I texted him and said he was having an interesting conversation. It might just cause more trouble than it's worth if he actually isn't doing anything wrong.

All he said was "Did you hear me yelling at AW?". I said "No. I didn't hear any yelling." I wanted to see what he'd say, but I had to ask him if he worked on Saturday cuz Ryan wants us to play D&D with him. So, we got off that topic. 
Saturday was very busy. Had the Pokemon Steam Siege pre-release. Actually, we had 2 and a League Challenge. And of course, mom was mom and got all upset and jumpy, like she does. Josh had to work, so he was there later in the day. He and I ended up taking Caitlynn home, cuz her and Laura are Uber-ing now and Laura still had customers and couldn't come and pick her up. It was a long day and I was so tired after my shower, that we went straight to sleep.
Sunday, Josh went to his dad's house to give him the watch he bought him. He wasn't there very long and he actually wanted me to go with him, but I really didn't want to go. I mean, I like his dad, but he can be like Laura and talk and talk. Plus, it was actually a busy Yu-Gi-Oh day because it was Yu-Gi-OH Day. And he had 16 people for the event, which is a huge shock, since we barely get 6 for most tournaments. I still dislike the Yu-Gi-Oh players.
And, yet again, Keri didn't say anything to me yesterday. And she had to be up Travis' ass when he was outside on the phone. It's like, leave the guy alone. He'll tell you about it when he's done. Geez! And she was in her same outfit as always. How is she gonna cope with wearing pants for her job?
On the plus side, Josh and I had great sex last night! 2 times, in 3 days! Getting back up there!! :)



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